Swanson Performance specializes in Dyno Tuning and Testing Fords, featuring a DynoJet equipped facility. A Dynamometer is a device for measuring force (Torque), and the horsepower of your vehicle.

Unlock power, increase fuel economy, and remove rev limiters/speed limiters. Often when aftermarket performance parts are installed a tune is recommended to get the most out of your vehicle and to ensure that it runs correctly.

Swanson Performance also offers many different types of services including bolt-on part installations, custom computer modules, modified high-flow injectors, modified MAF meters, PCM/ECU upgrades, and competition engines. We can rebuild your engine with performance upgrades, or rebuild your engine to factory specification. Other services offered include electrical work, gauge installs, supercharger installs and power adders, torque converter and clutch upgrades, intake and exhaust installations.

Swanson Performance regularly works with rear ends and differentials, and is capable of working on carriers, gears, axles and we perform full rebuilds.

We have experience with, and do installations for with a wide variety of Superchargers including Whipple, Roush, Kenne Bell, ProCharger, Vortech, Paxton, and more.

Swanson Performance can do a engine swap utilizing the new Coyote engine and transplant it into an older car body, for example into the 2011-2014 Mustangs. Call us for more information on engine swaps.

We offer many parts and can recommend tuning for your Ford Lightning or Mustang. Contact us to find out what parts and services we offer for your vehicle.

We partner with Forgestar Wheels right here in California to offer you race wheels for your specific application. Using an exclusive Rotary Forged Flow Forming technology, Forgestar wheels are designed for strength and performance. Forgestar offers many custom colors to give you the perfect look ranging from the classic Black, Gunmetal, and Silver, to wild colors such as Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Contact us for pricing and fitments.

Danny Swanson is also a “gun for hire”, often traveling to the various Southern California Dynojet facilities to dynotune cars on-location. If you’re interested in having Danny come to your shop to work his magic, call (310) 787-7800 to make arrangements.