Shelby GT500 Super Snake 800+HP Dyno Tested

Forget 750+ HP, this Widebody Super Snake put down over 800 Horsepower when tested at Swanson Performance! The power shown at the end of the video is horsepower output to the wheels.

Max Power = 691 WHP
Max Torque= 599 Ft-lb TQ
Measured on our Dynojet Automotive Dynamometer

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SCT X4 Now Available

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About Swanson Performance

Swanson Performance specializes in Dyno Tuning Ford vehicles including Mustang and the F150 Lightning. Using the latest, cutting edge technology, Swanson has the ability and resources to transform your Mustang or Lightning from a tame, stock car to a tire-screeching, take-no-prisoners street machine.

What sets Swanson Performance apart from other speed shops is Swanson’s ability to install high performance parts on your Ford vehicle, then dial-in the new combo on a Dynojet for maximum safe horsepower and driveability. Using the newest, most sophisticated products on the market, Swanson Performance can recalibrate your Ford Vehicle computer.